R+D and Quality

The growth since our inception has been connected in parallel with the quality and innovation of finished goods as well as different raw materials and components involved in manufacturing processes coupled with a highly skilled workforce.

Investment in R+D (research and development), since its inception, has been the main challenge SPORT quality mattresses. The mattress manufacturing requires a large investment in machinery, in fact machines usually are not in the market due to the peculiarities of the processes, machines are only basic, but more specific machinery must be produced "as" with what assumed for the purposes of a higher cost, for this reason the company is constantly investing in R+D to meet our needs.

ACG Group: A quality Seal

The increased competition brought about by the internationalization of markets has led to increased customer expectations regarding quality. If this fact we add the fact that quality is the determining factor in the purchasing process, it seems clear that business strategies must focus on the implementation of systems to ensure quality of service offered.

These were the reasons that led to the ACG GROUP establish an internal system of management to try to improve every day needs of our customers in quality and service.

In addition all our products and raw materials are entirely MADE IN SPAIN, which also ensures its quality.