Grupo ACG - Muebles y Colchones

Presentation of ACG Group

We are a group of companies with extensive experience (30 years) in both the manufacture of rest and the distribution of household furniture sector and equipping of public and private establishments: hotels, nursing homes, cottages, hospitals, etc .

The team works together Grupo ACG under the same management and innovative goals in the face of new challenges in the sector to strongly position our brand in the market, offering our customers a wide range of products quality at the best price .In our catalog you will find furniture of all kinds, and juvenile double bedrooms, dining rooms, upholstery, valves and a wide range of products off: mattresses, over-mattresses, couches, upholstered bases, bed bases, bed bases electric, kangaroos, bunk beds, heads in leatherette and pillows (self-produced) all include the latest technology to get a good rest and therefore optimum health, in fact the motto of our company is: "MASTERS OF REST". Therefore receive the award best company.

For several years the Group has released a timely ACG publications such as brochures, posters and magazines related to the furniture and relaxation aimed at small businesses as an element to enhance the store image and promote it in their area of influence.

Finally, to reiterate my thanks to all who over the years, in one way or another, have relied on our company.

Andrés Cano García
ACG Group Director