Social work

Social Work of ACG Group

In all these years of existence the company has developed an active and ongoing relationship with various institutions in order to play a role in the daily life of our region, by signing cooperation agreements with various entities in which include:

  • First company with 100% of Albacete formalized agreement with the city of Albacete for the practice and promotion of sport in schools and through IMD base from 2002.

  • Company of the province that has most actively participated in Football Albacete for several years, through collaborative arrangements.

  • First businesses (SMB) that issued private Albacete on TV advertising on Castilla-La Mancha TV Channel.

  • First private company that has worked and boosted Albacete Bullfighting Fair, while you chose to international bullfighter Manuel Caballero of this land as an image of the firm.

  • Collaborations in different social, cultural and sports locally: as in the Paradiso Film Festival, and the Quick Painting Contest Barrax addition to agreements to promote local football team, ect.

  • We are partners of ASPRONA and ADEM associations.